How to embrace the card death to the fullest

Hey friendly folks,

I’m currently going through a breakup, letting go of control, of my attachment to a person. I’m deeply grateful for the process, I know it’s exactly what needed to happen in order to learn what I affirmed I want to learn. I’ve never loved myself as much before in my life. And I’ve never been able to love them as unconditional as I do now. This was a breakup not out of a lack of love- I still love this person and am grateful for their existence. I miss them.

I pull the card death a lot, when asking who I currently am for example. Today I asked what to embrace and pulled death again. I’ve read psychomagic by jodorowsky a while ago (fantastic read, recommend to all of you!) And am wondering what physical, magical act I could do, to further embrace death or play it out symbolically.

If you have any ideas or leads, I’m very curious. It also helps me to just hear what you associate with death and rebirth symbolically.


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