How to explain and clarify Tarot Cards and their meaning/use to someone who thinks it’s evil and "Against God" ?

I'm having my birthday party tomorrow and planning on bringing out my tarot cards and giving mini readings to my friends for fun if they want one, but one of my best friends has a religious boyfriend she's bringing who has told me that tarot cards are against god, anti religious/evil, he's really not a bad person though he's just never been around it.

I want to text my friend before they come and just let her know I'm not trying to make anyone feel uncomfortable, and try to explain the best way what the use of the cards are for her to warn him hopefully before, I'll probably need to go down the road of "their just for fun."

Whatever happens i'm doing whatever I want on my birthday. But the thing is I love my friend and her boyfriend too, they really are nice people who aren't trying to stop me or anything, and I want to have they come and have fun in any case.

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