how to get rid of decks properly?

this was a really hard decision for me. mentally, physically, financially. i’ve invested so much time practicing and studying and doing what i can to practice safely, however… i found out my youngest sister (10) has been seeing ghosts appear and disappear. this past sunday, a spirit showed up in my bathroom and stayed while she was playing in her playroom. it was a white figure of a man, he was groaning and was telling her, “don’t leave.”

i grew up in a mostly christian household, so i did what i knew best and called a friend who was an ex-satanist but is now a fully committed christian. while on call with him, he was doing a prayer for my house. and while he was doing so, he felt that it was a demonic entity.

i’ve come to a realization that i started this. spirits have never bothered me or maybe i’ve never noticed but all i know is that it’s coming for my family. could i possibly stow them away? would i end up having to throw them away, burn them, or sell them? i love these decks with my whole entire heart and this breaks me. i’m not sure what to do.

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