How to make a new deck look “old and worn” quickly?

I’m planning to make a prop for a film project a friend is working on. I need an “old-looking” tarot deck that would have been used daily for years. My friend came to me because she knew tarot is one of my main hobbies and I have a fairly substantial deck collection. But…I baby my decks!! I put a lot of time and effort into making sure they all look as tidy and close to new as possible. None of my decks really look “old and worn,” even the ones I actually have been using regularly for years. I’m planning to use a cheap RWS I bought online and turning it into an artistic project of sorts, trying to make a cheap new deck look old. My plan right now is to use sandpaper to rough up the edges a bit, spend a few days doing all the violent shuffling I don’t let anyone do on my regular decks, and maybe test out a quick tea bath to stain the cards a little and weaken the cardstock. But does anyone have any other tips for ways I can get a new deck to look as realistically worn-out as quickly as possible?

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