How to Work out Fees/Tips to Promote Yourself

I'm not sure if I'm charging enough for my services; and I always hedge on where is the line on charging "too much". I have upped my fees than what they were before I took an abusive husband/recovering health related sabbatical of about seven years. I've been trying to rebuild my clientele and get back into work; but things have changed a bit since the last time I was online.
Etsy has apparently imploded on itself. TikTok has blown up. Facebook is basically hit or miss, etc. I'm not sure where is the best place to be and where isn't.

When I worked before, I had my own website. I could promote myself on twitter, and a couple of forums, and a little on Facebook and I was set between my own site, and running the cart through Etsy, now everything I was used to is basically chaos.

I've lost my website, someone else on Facebook essentially has the co-op on a very similar name anyway, so I've taken the opportunity to re-brand given I'm coming back into myself again as I recover anyway. I've started using TikTok and I'm building a small gathering (enough that someone spoofed me and tried to scam which was a shock), but it's only triple digits; but I've had maybe two paying clients. I know there's a LOT going on in the universe, but I see others managing to work it through and going intergalactic, and not just through TT, through other means.

I'm not sure what I'm missing, and where the best places to go are. What sort of offerings are best to do? Video chat? Voice chat? .pdf readings? I work at a local grocery store part time as I have to support myself else-wise, of course.

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