How will my sister’s wedding be?

My sister is getting married in August and she wanted a quick insight on how she can expect the day to go. Her fiance and her have very different families that, although get along for the most part, still have some bad blood between them due to an old argument that happened when the couple briefly split a few years ago. I shuffled and pulled Strength (Leo season) for time frame which is fitting.

For the wedding i pulled – 4 of wands – Such an on-the-nose card that says, duh there's a wedding. Celebration, happiness and happy home/happy family!

Emperor – I see this as a transition to the next step after completion of the wedding. A family man, with his kingdom now. Responsibility, orderly and well planned will probably be the theme of the wedding (very suited to the couple in question). Maybe even too rigid?

Four of cups – Now this i could use some help with. I see it as their wedding might be boring for guests? Or people who feel unwelcome or are uninvited? Could it also be a hyperfocus on detail, causing some issues? Overall seems not too worrisome, unlike seeing a Tower, Devil or Five of wands

Any interpretations are welcome!

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