I always get the Devil whenever someone does a reading for me.

I don't know how to do Tarot, usually it's my mom that does it, she's really into that stuff and I kind of like the occult, it's weird and unknown, idk makes me curious and seems kind of fun to get a reading every now and then.

But shit is getting real weird. I've had so many readings done for all kinds of questions I've had, and in every single one of them, the Devil is always there. Doesn't matter the position, it's just ALWAYS there. Never to my mom, never to my dad or my sister, but I ALWAYS get the Devil somewhere.

Also my mom told me that when my sister and I were little (I was about 1yo), she went to a tarot reader to see how my sister and I would do/be later in life. For my sister the reader took out the moon. For me? You guessed it, the Devil.

Idk guys it's just really weird, how many times does this have to happen until it stops being a coincidence?

I'm a scorpio btw if that's relevant, idk much about tarot. Just looking to get some insight from you guys.

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