I am told to move on from my family issues? Yet I know if I went to therapy they’d try help me through them, not just tell me to move on

So basically I have been told to let go of the past and the people I had in my life (Which would include my sister), …my reading was very thorough and I felt a lot of good positives and resonance about my brighter future. I do feel that its strange that spirit is telling me to move on from the people that mattered to me? I used the same Reader my mother goes to and I wanted soem closure with family issues with my mother and sister but the psychic told me to not worry about them so much and that I am to move on from those who have hurt me? The thing is, I dont feel happy about moving on with out knowing why my sister caters more to another family over this immediate one she grew up with. One day she did a 180 over 2.5 years ago and hasn't changed nor has she wanted to resolve anything between us…I thought she had loved mom and I yet she wasn't there emuch for me when I needed her the most and mom being suicidal

NOTE- The psychic also said things like my sister has some type of celebration thing coming up? Are u kidding me? I dotn actually give a fying Fuck about her shoeing off her accomplishments! All she ever likes to do is show off to society and to her mother but not be there for us when shit hits the fan! Also, the psychic said does your sister want kids young ? This further pissed me off 😤 First of all, my sister is anti men and looked for a guy all for validation and to fit into mainstream, second of all, my sister has told me she doesnt want kids, thirdly my sister has eating disorder and is anorexic! Even IF she wanted a kid she can't rn as her body is fucked! Why wouldn't the psychic say that there are some serious issues going on with your sister that need addressing? I bet she didn't even pick up that my moms suicidal and when my mom went to her shes telling my mother she can be a healer lmao! Yeah sure ! A healer when in that state

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