I asked a bunch of questions regarding my crush

I used the Gentle Heart Tarot Deck by Vanessa Somuayina. I did a three-card spread for all of my questions.

I asked what the likelihood of me being with my crush and got the Four of Pentacles in reverse, The World upright, and The Emperor in reverse. I interpret the Four of Pentacles as me having to get over my crush as they are currently taken and they seem very happy with their partner. I interpret The World as me being able to find someone new who's a better fit for me. I interpret The Emperor in reverse as me having to stop being jealous of their partner.

I also asked what my crush thinks of me and got the Ten of Wands, Queen of Swords, and the World all upright. I think the Ten of Swords means that they think I’m a good team member in our workplace (we both go to college and work in the same organization). The Queen of Wands means they think highly of me as a student and team member. With the World, it gives more clarity that they think highly of me in terms of our school and workplace.

I also asked what the future of my crush and I’s relationship will be. I got the Seven of Cups, Wheel of Fortune in reverse, and the Emperor in reverse. I think the Seven of Cups is telling me that it’s wishful thinking to think I’ll have a deep or meaningful future with them. The Wheel of Fortune in reverse means luck isn’t on my side when developing a future with them. The Emperor in reverse is telling me I’m foolish for thinking I could have a future with them.

I also asked what our relationship will look like in a year. I got the Wheel of Future, the Lovers and the Ace of Pentacles in reverse. I think the Wheel of Fortune means that luck is on my side when developing a relationship. The Lovers means we could have a relationship but the Ace of Pentacles means it won’t last long or be healthy or we could have a bad falling out.

All in all, I think there’s a chance (not high) I could be with my crush a year from now but it won’t necessarily be a long-standing relationship. If anything, it’ll be a “learning relationship” that teach us both more about ourselves and what we want in a partner and it’ll lead us to our actual soulmates (we most likely aren’t are each other’s soulmates). Also my crush is taken at the moment.

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