I can read energy idk what to do with this “gift” help

Hey so I can read energy and I had to dif tarot readers confirm what I knew after the first one told me about it… it’s funny bcuz I was just gettin a reg reading and she just told me and also that I have “healing powers” so after thought I realized it’s true and the reason why I have felt so weird my whole life… basically I have been reading ppl since I became conscious of my existence when I was in 6th grade. At the time I had no knowledge of tarot and just thought I was really sensitive and weird. I used to read ppl and just know things and think about it but I never really thought much of it until recent years. I knew something about me was off from DRIVING for some reason (before knowing what it was) I can kinda like know how ppl feel and their intent based on how they presented themselves on the road. I used to get overwhelmed and get mad on the road I just thought I was crazy lmao it got so bad I started to hate driving now fast forward I know WHY so I have found a way to block energy
while driving by just listening to music, paying more attention to buildings or being in deep thought. Seriously life changing and now driving is peaceful the part I don’t like is the fact I can’t turn this thing off and I just like to be at peace for the most part. So here iam tryna figure out what exactly it is I should be doing with this “gift” I have considered being a psychologist, a detective/interrogator but the dilemma is I’m not really a ppl person as in I rather just b around ppl I know to avoid being hurt and I’m 100% not willing to get a job where I’m open to being hurt… atleast not at this point in my life. I have considered being a tarot reader but idk if me reading energy is for that profession and ngl I’m a little scared to get into it bcuz I was raised Christian but I have broken away from the religious restraints however I’m not 100% sure it’s actually something I should b doing … anyway I’ve hardly if ever wrong when it comes to reading energy and I use this to my advantage when it comes to my relationships/friendships and I love it it’s like I’m the perfect person to have in your corner bcuz I’ll get u that thing u really need without or before u ask sn:: a downside to this is feeling pain. One time I will never forget I was young and I felt a man, next to me on the bus, physica pain it was soooo weird and I instantly became sad and wished I could take it from him the man kinda looked fine but I could just tell he wasn’t and so much so I knew he was dealing with a physical illness something like shingles (idk exactly) but it was very sad and even sadder I knew I couldn’t do anything about it and that really had me down. But anyway I feel I’d be the PERFECT detective but I’m scared of dangerous situations so if it’s anything else out there I should look into please share or if u have a dif perspective on the jobs I have considered I’d love to hear some positive feedback. I just don’t want my gift to go to waste thanks for reading <3 xoxoxo

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