I could really use some advice. Should I start my own business or become an independent contractor through a company first?

So I actually do have an interview for a remote tarot reading job coming up. I'd be an independent contractor and need a W-9. I'm a little torn because I think I could make a lot more money without the middle man. However, I think that going through a company first might be a better start for me since this is all extremely new to me.

A little background about my practice.. I never intended on reading for others when I got my first deck. I really just wanted guidance at the time and it really did help me. Also, I've never gotten a professional reading. I really trust my own interpretation of the cards. People started asking me to do readings for them and (long story short) people started telling me I was gifted and that everything was coming true.

I'm not excited to go through the business side of things but I do have a lot of people with knowledge about business willing to help me and I'm pretty confident that I can figure it out. I'm just a little torn between going through a company or just doing it on my own.

Advice is really appreciated πŸ’•πŸ₯°

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