I decided to not use Tarot for love readings anymore.

I love tarot, but I don’t know why I keep using it for love readings. I usually get pretty positive readings done towards my situation, and I know in my intuition what I want to happen is going to. Tarot did help me at first discover that, but then it became a obsession. I would ask the same question, and the naturally I would get no’s to my yes’. I would feel doubtful, and even depressed because shouldn’t it always be a yes?

Well I decided I’m not going to use tarot for love questions anymore. If you keep asking the same thing over and over you naturally create variables. I already knew the answer, and the tarot/my guides confirmed it to me I already knew the answer.

I thought I would write this for anyone struggling with love readings. Maybe just take a break and trust yourself you usually know the answer. Obsessively looking for an answer is going to do a disservice to you.

P.s Curious has anyone also stopped doing love readings as well? Why did you?

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