I did automatic writing which led to be given a specific date and location. I pulled cards to give me more insight and here’s what I got.

I used my handy dandy rider white deck. I did automatic writing this morning which I do often and specifically was given a date being August 6 and a location of a park three hours away from me but I am familiar with. I have had dreams of this park in the past and I’ve been there once so it was a very odd thing to come up in my automatic writing. I pulled a general spread on what does that mean and here’s what I got.

  1. 8 of cups – The eight of cups being the first car to come out makes me think of a decision that had to be made that was emotional. Someone had to walk away from a connection that wasn’t right for them in the moment.

  2. 10 of cups – 10 of cups leads me to believe that with the eight of cups there’s a decision to be made that hasn’t been seen before that’s going to lead to a lot of emotional fulfillment and happiness.

  3. The lovers – The way that the cards are placed makes me think that with there being a decision to be made, the decision that will be made it will lead to the ton of cops and lovers so part of me believes that this is a past love connection that I may have had that is coming through.

  4. 7 of swords- for some reason I’m picking up on the seven of swords being a manipulative third-party energy I could be wrong though. I see this card a third-party energy only because it is underneath the first set of cards I pulled. And the way that I read it with the spread is that someone on the outside did not want someone within this connection to see fulfillment to be happy I see a lot of jealousy in this card with the others.

  5. Temperance- so with the difference and picking up that one of the people in the connection had to find a balance within themselves and they weren’t completely ready for this connection at the time and now that it feels like it’s starting to be seen this starting to understand everything and they’re finding a balance within themselves it leads to the next card.

  6. the star- I see the card being next to temperance makes me think that this connection is wishful and leading to wish fulfillment leading to a lot of emotional correlation with all the water but also makes me believe that someone in this connection was wishing for possible reconciliation.

  7. 2 of cups- with this being the last card I pulled I see a lot of reunion in the cards the whole spread overall makes me feel warm in my heart. Possible connection coming together once again between these two parties without the third-party energy without the manipulation that I saw in the seven of swords I see a lot of balance in hopefulness long-term commitment.

Any thoughts

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