I did two Celtic Cross pulls evaluating two different job possibilities. Would appreciate help evaluating the spreads.

I used to Rider deck.

Here is the Celtic Cross spread I use:

Position 1 = Heart of the Matter
Position 2 = Opposing Factor
Position 3 = Root Cause
Position 4 = Past
Position 5 = Attitudes and Beliefs
Position 6 = Future
Position 7 = You as You are
Position 8 = Outside Environment
Position 9 = Guidance
Position 10 = Outcome

The first post was for making a lateral move:

My interpretation is that this move would go well and ultimately lead to a productive partnership. I am currently tired and need a rest.

The second post was for staying in the same job:

This one reflects more of the limitations that I am feeling but also shows positive outcomes.

I posted yesterday about how Ace of Wands shows up in both spreads, which I find interesting. The spread related to moving jobs has a lot of cups and pentacles, which I noticed right away and am wondering about.

Thanks in advance for help!!!

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