I dont think my new deck likes me πŸ˜…

So I've had one deck for 12ish years and I never asked questions about the deck itself. The pulls for the questions were really cool!

What if your main vibe? High Priestess, Reversed (never even pulled this card before) What should I use you for? The Fool upright and The Tower reversed. Aight, vibes. What do you want from me? The Queen of Swords, Upright. I've never pulled this card before either. I felt complemented tbh πŸ₯²πŸ’• because that'd how I'd describe myself but ill definitely be more forward with my readings. It was really cool because it's definitely the vibes that this deck has given me so it was awesome to communicate like that πŸ™‚

But with my new deck, Tarot of Sexual Magic (I wanted a kama sutra type deck and this one was ~so pretty~) I kept pulling the magician and the 6 of cups reversed. I think it's telling me I'm not ready for her 😭 and like ~I get it~ but dang …

What is your main vibe? World reversed What do you want from me? Magician upright and Six of Cups upright. What do you want from me? Magician upright.

I havnt cleansed my deck yet so maybe it needs a good cleansing but I was excited to start using this one and im kinda butt hurt πŸ₯² I introduced myself like I did my other deck, told it I'm it's new owner and I'll take care of it. Maybe it's because I've never really needed to cleanse my other deck..idk. emotional damage πŸ˜…

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