I drew The Sun two times out of three for him

So uggh I am in this entanglement(is this the new word lol?) with this guy, it’s physical for now. But I am hoping for more.

He asked me out to date a year before where after I just blocked him bc I was still recovering from a previous relationship, then we reconnected and he asked me again, this time I consulted the tarot, where I drew The Sun Card for the first time. But unfortunately I didn’t go and I really regret it.

Then later we started a physically relationship, and omg the first night after we had sex I thought he put a spell on me, the sex itself is okay, but I couldn’t stop masturbating or thinking about him the day after, I got really obsessed which has never happened before. If anything helps, he is def not the witchy type. But I dunno how to explain it besides I got casted a spell.

But he’s very distant always, saying that he’s busy with work. He works like 80+ hours frequently. So I drew tarot for us the second time, this time it basically told me he has not yet let go of his past, which he actually confirmed a few days later, he said he enjoyed my company but can’t feel anything due to very hurt still from a previous relationship.

I was really sad and I actually cried for a few days, which is weird coz we don’t communicate out of bedroom much. I shouldn’t be having this strong of a feeling.

Fast forward recently I drew a tarot again, just one card for our relationship, and lo and behold, it is the Sun again, exactly as the first draw.

I actually screamed a lil when I drew that lol. I can’t believe my eyes.

If it matters, his name also means the sun.

But the relationship itself(or the lack of) so far doesn’t feel like it’s the Sun but it’s less than 2 months? Should I keep my hopes up?

Edit: this whole thing has been going on for a year , the physical relationship is less than 2 months.

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