I feel like youtube tarot readers are selling me dreams through their readings. How can I watch tarot readings safely?

I know that this is partly my fault for interpreting tarot readings in this way but I realized that not all readers or readings have a positive influence on me. Youtube tarot is what introduced me to spirituality and I used what tarot readers have told me as guidance but lately the way that readings are done on YouTube are being detrimental to me.

I used to take them seriously because readers present themselves in a serious manner like when they say believing is key which made me believe that everything they say is true or accurate to me. They say things as if it will actually happen; definitively and conclusively that it made me believe that it will actually happen to me and if I don’t believe then it won’t happen. It gives me some sort of illusion or some form of placebo effect. I don’t really know.

If youtube tarot readers claim that their readings are for entertainment purposes only then why do they take themselves seriously and expect others to take them seriously as well? Then when things don’t pan out or they get criticized for readings having a negative effect, they use the “it’s just for fun” reasoning for their convenience.

I feel like the more I progress in my spiritual journey, I turn to tarot less because my intuition is getting stronger. Do I need tarot to be spiritual or not?

How do I still have faith in tarot, have my beliefs in spirituality but not be sucked into the dilemma that I just described?

I don’t mean any hate. I am just very confused and I feel sort of directionless. Im posting my thoughts on here because I don’t have anyone around me that knows about tarot.

Edit: Thank you so much for the help! I'm very new to tarot so I barely know how anything works. Sorry if I worded things rudely, I didn't know how else to say it in a way that doesn't change what I was trying to describe.

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