I found a random tarot card on the sidewalk downtown in my city

Well to start with, I was with my friend downtown after a busy day and as we were walking i spotted a tarot card lying facedown on the sidewalk. My friend urged me to pick it up cuz it could be interesting and see what it meant.

I turned it over and it was the Two of Wands

I don't really know what it means, looking it up it says that it means change? I know nothing about tarot and it was lying face down and i drew the card right side up, idk if that means anything tho.

Ive never had a tarot reading and i dont really know if i believe in it but i thought this was an interesting event and would just like to know what the card means. Ive been noticing a lot of personal growth to begin with and seeing as the end of the semester is nearing ive been wanting to work out and make my body resemble more of what i want it to look like over summer, and take on new things over summer and just feel more at ease with myself. Im very mentally ill so this feels like a lot of progress for me and idk, this card might give me something more to believe in like the universe or something.

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