i got a tarot deck yesterday and omg…

so i bought my first deck yesterday without having done anything prior with tarot (felt like an app on the phone wasnt really the same spiritually)

so i started with a 3 card spread (past, present, future) as a way to 'test it out' and both cards perfectly described kind of my situation β€” i got death, 5 of swords, and world

i think the death stands for my transition which is the context

the 5 of swords stands for the conflict with my family and getting kicked out and having to 'clean up' the mess of this conflict

while the world stands for my future (hopefully) i already cut my hair and started presenting more masc since nothing was holding me back anymore and starting t when i turn 18

now obviously i was very taken aback with how accurate it was and obviously believed it was real but still a tiny voice inside my head was telling me 'its just a coincidence, its just interpretation' bla bla bla but whatever

so this morning i pulled a daily card; reversed three of swords β€” havent look up the meaning of it yet but considering it would be the opposite of heartbreak/being hurt i was pretty optimistic

and what do you know, when i arrive at school i find out i may go home 3 hours earlier than normal because 2 of my teachers were sick β€” i mean come on reversed 3 of swords and then 3 hours less school the same day?

idk if im reading too much into this but my scepticism is faltering πŸ˜…

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