I have a Marseille Deck with only Major Arcana on them. Any tips on how to use it?

Hello everyone! I recently began studying both oracle and tarot. So far I've only worked with the Petit Lenormand and it's been great, sometimes I don't exactly understand what it's telling me but I know that with time and practice I'll get there. Onto my question. My brother convinced me to buy a Marseille Deck cause he said the Petit Lenormand is waaaayyyy too nice when you ask it something and Marseille doesn't sugar coat it, it says what you need to hear. Problem is I bought a deck with only 22 cards, which from what I've research means I only have the major arcana. I haven't touched it yet but I was kinda looking forth to begin working with it. Should I read with just the major arcana? Or read it with my oracle cards? If so, can anyone point me a book or something on how to do it or can I just ask the oracle to enlighten me on the Marseille reading? I have also read that some people use a regular deck when they don't have the minor arcana? Thanks in advance!

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