I have been confused about one important thing regarding tarot. Is it for divination or not?

I've been studying tarot for a bit now and in the many books and online articles that I've read, the one reoccurring theme is "Tarot does not tell us the future" in addition to "You have to ask questions in a particular way for the reading to be useful. Tarot is not here to make decisions for you"

Now, while I see the logic in this, I find the bit about tarot NOT being used for divination to be an odd one. I know many people here use it as a tool of introspection and self-reflection, which I do as well, but I have found tarot to be accurate when I ask about the outcomes of situations, or when I read for others it will accurately reflect the outcome for them as well.

So my question there is, why do many tarot practitioners say it ISNT a divination tool?

Also, WHY does it matter how the question is asked if it IS a tool for divination? Doesn't it make tarot kind of pointless if we only ask for help in telling us things we usually already know?

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