I just met the two coolest ladies at Barnes & Noble

I was at the bookstore to get the White Sand 3 graphic novel by Brandon Sanderson, and decided to swing by the tarot, spirituality, and mysticis section with my wife. These two ladies were there looking at decks, one of whom was just learning.

I was looking for a possible new deck, and the lady learning was lamenting the RWS deck wasn't available. Actually, it was just hiding behind another deck, so I pulled it out for her, and made some lame joke about it being hidden.

That sparked a conversation about tarot in general, and how she found it surprising that outgoing, friendly people could be found in the tarot section of the bookstore. Isn't this the place everyone is embarrassed to be found in, and is looking over their shoulder to make sure no one is looking? To add to that, we live in Utah which can be very pretentious and judgemental.

Next thing you know, we're talking about The Tower versus Death, pulling out books on the shelf, and talking about interpretations. I showed them the Labrithos app on my phone that I found helpful for learning, and they shared a tarot meetup group that's meeting on Friday the 13th (heh) and gave me a flyer about attending a convention in April.

It was a fantastic, friendly, pleasant experience.

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