I keep pulling The Magician

This past few days I’ve been doing a few readings on myself to start learning again. It’s been a few years since I’ve touched a deck.

The first few readings I would keep pulling The Magician reversed. I think it was after the 3rd or 4th time I pulled it, I reshuffled the deck and cut it into 3 decks for past present and future.

The cards for past and present resonated really well. Before I drew the card for future I thought to myself it would be really funny if this is an upright Magician… and it was. I was in disbelief. I almost thought I was dreaming how unreal that felt. I was spooked and forced myself to put the cards away for the night.

The next morning I was telling my wife that I manifested the manifestation card. I was about to show her how I did the spread and everything, and as I was shuffling the deck The World, The Magician, and The Sun popped out all upright.

Later I drew 4 cards for the month of March. I got The Magician, 3 of cups, 4 of cups and 9 of cups all upright.

Let’s back up for a second. I’m going to say since I was about 6-7 years old I’ve always wondered what 2021 me was up to. I see great things for that guy. Just some weird kid intuition. Last year was a milestone year in my spiritual journey, and decided to try manifestation this year to reach my 2021 vision. I’ve been hyping everyone up on this manifestation thing. But maybe internally doubting myself at the same time. Thinking haha like this manifestation thing actually works, no way I can reach this goal by x time it seems so unobtainable. Even though before I began my spiritual journey I “accidentally” manifested something pretty big, and have manifested smaller things since my awakening hardly trying or understanding the basics of it.

Anyways, sometime last month my intuition lead me to March of this year. It was going to be HUGE. I don’t know how, but it felt like it was a life changing day for my family.

So the reason why I picked up the cards to begin with was to look into this March conspiracy theory. As soon as I started reading he only showed up reversed as mentioned earlier (sorry I know this is long). My speculation is after calling him out that night, I had a bit of a confidence boost. Now he is only showing up upright.

The March reading (magician, 3 cups, 9 cups, 4 cups) by my interpretation shows me reaching my goal via manifestation, with a huge celebration of achievement and pride. But still not feeling fulfilled by the end of it all.

In a clockface spread 12 card 2021 reading I pulled The Star for March.

All signs point to me reaching this goal next month, even though it personally seems almost out of reach or even unobtainable. But I can get there if I set my mind to it.

The cards seem pretty clear to me especially after typing this out and processing it all, but maybe some of you pros can notice any patterns or meanings with the cards I mentioned.


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