I lost a very sentimental tarot deck and the timing of the loss has alarming coincidences.

I really need some help right now, and I have not found any helpful information so far online. I have lost a very sentimental tarot deck, and also my only deck. A few months ago someone very near and dear to me gifted me a tarot deck that they randomly found in their garage. At the time I was really getting into witchcraft and my dad confiscated my previous deck. Unfortunately as of a few months ago I basically had to stop practicing due to home issues that I’m not comfortable disclosing. The last I remember i had put my deck either on my desk or table in a place where i could see it. My room is very messy, cluttered and full of stuff so it is likely that it has gotten lost within those. I have looked everywhere and thoroughly searched every nook, cranny, pile, drawer, shelf, container, bag, etc…still no deck. Then there is the part that actually scares me, the reason I went to grab my deck in the first place. The person who gave me the deck recently had an extremely life altering event happen/happening to them (a bad one). This event could possibly fuck up the rest of their and possibly my life. I went to the deck so I can get a lot of complicated burning questions answered about this. Do y’all have any advice on how I can find this deck? (other than cleaning my room) Do you think there is any significance to the loss of the deck or the discovery of me loosing it during this specific timeframe? TLDR: lost very important tarot deck with scary coincidences involving the timing I lost it. Edit: spelling and grammer

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