I need a second opinion because I think I’m biased

I just did a reading for myself which I feel I am too biased to interpret. I felt called to do this reading because of the picture of my godmother consistently falling down. For context: she passed away in 2019 due to a terminal illness that she hadn't told me about. First it seemed like coincidence but then it kept happening mere minutes after I picked it back up. I noticed that the 5th time it happened, it had fallen closer to my tarot cards.

I ended up taking out my deck and asking what this was all about. I got the 6 of Cups in reverse, Page of Cups in reverse and the 4 of Cups upright.

I'm still fairly new to tarot but the first thing I noticed was obviously that they were all Cups. The way I had interpreted this was that she's sorry about having been so stubborn. But at the same time, it feels like it could be a message for me as well, telling me to move forward and learn to deal with things.

I just feel like my judgement is clouded by my knowledge of what happened so maybe more experienced readers (or even just any outsiders) can offer more insight?

Thanks in advance!

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