I need second opinion (cards only, not personal views or judging on the situation please)

It's a long and complicated story.

There is a woman, who drew the cards, 'A'.
'A' has a relationship with 'B'. They are together for almost 5 years, and currently not really happy together, but willing to fight for their relationship.
'B' has met an other woman online last year (and once IRL as friends), named 'C'. 'B' almost immediately fell in love with 'C', felt like 'C' is his other half and stuff like this. (My personal opinion is 'B' loves the traits of 'C' which are missing from him because of childhood hardships, so it's easily a deep psychological drive instead of 'real' love.) 'C' is very childish, and unable to take responsibility for her life and decisions. It's rooted in her childhood and her relationship with her parents. She has a significant other, too, not too happy relationship, but very comfortable – arranged and approved by her parents. Chances are high that she also feels something for 'B', but almost never admits. They had a rather labile relationship so far; had 'intimate friendship, almost love' and 'total parting from each other' periods. Currently 'B' and 'C' parted ways (1,5 months ago), they have zero communication. 'B' decided he got enough of this situation and tries to forget 'C' and does everything to accomplish this goal, still he is barely able to think anything else than 'C', and has nightmares about her mostly every night.

'A' asked how 'B' feels about her, and the Crowley Thoth tarot gave High Priestess reversed and Eon as an answer.

My initial thoughts about these cards were:
– the High Priestess looks like the creative unconscious. The figure of the woman is half a goddess, half a human, her thoughts and hands are creating the net of life itself. Reversed it felt like 'B' is fighting against his unconscious, his 'fate' in favor of 'A'.
– Eon I cannot interpret to be honest. It gave me the feeling of a long time process, but nothing else.

Together I read them as 'B' is fighting with his inner/higher self, and this will remain like this for a relatively long time. Result is unsure, not answered. He wants to save his relationship, however he can't truly participate in it emotionally.

Could you please give me a second opinion on this topic?

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