i really need help in deciphering my new deck’s ‘introduction’ spread. image included!

Interpretation in comments! scroll down a bit to see pic.

This is my second deck! My first was — and I used it regularly for just over a year, grew really attached to it as it never once failed me on good advice and predictions, even if I didn't want to hear them. Anyway, one day, it disappeared out of the blue and I didn't really feel like buying a new one. A year? later I was searching online for a new deck, and I was really drawn to Patrick Valenza's art, but I felt the Deviant Moon deck was beautiful but might be a little dark for my low level of experience, and his Trionfi Della Luna (which I loved at first sight) was a Marseille style which I wasn't looking for :(. I came back to the website half a year and saw he was releasing a limited edition with illustrated pips, and it just felt like the perfect time to get into tarot, like how lucky was this.

So, I've just pulled an introduction spread asking these questions. I originally found the six card spread online when I did my first reading on my original deck, and thought it would be a good idea to repeat it for this one (gosh, I manually separated the suit families and mixed them up with other suits before beginning to shuffle, and shuffled AGAIN inbetween pulls so no clue how so many wands appeared):

  1. Tell me about yourself (deck). What are your most important characteristics? Nine of Wands.
  2. What are your strengths as a deck? Four of Wands.
  3. What are your limits as a deck? King of Wands.
  4. What are you here to teach me? Two of Wands.
  5. How can I best learn to collaborate with you? Six of Swords.
  6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? The Devil.
  7. Extra pull – Is there anything you want to tell me now? The Chariot.

Link to PDF of bookled for this specific deck. While I was shuffling and pulling the cards, I was debating whether I should pull an extra one to answer the question, 'Is there anything you want to tell me now', or just leave the spread as six. A random card just jumped out of the deck while I was debating whether I should, so I took this as the decks answer!


Obviously, I've drawn a conlusion from my own reading, which is influenced off what's going on in my life right now but I'm kind of stuck on the significance of certain cards in the context of an introduction spread. I would really love a completely unbiased opinion of this spread from a complete stranger, as I am a bit rusty at the Tarot, and don't want to miss anything from my own judgement. Thank you for helping!

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