I saw the card I was going to draw before I drew it

I have an oracle deck and a tarot deck, but I've been working with the oracle deck a bit more the past month. I sleep with it, shuffle it, and draw a card from it everyday.

Today, as I was doing my daily one card draw, a card came up my mind when I was shuffling. It came out of nowhere, and it was persistent (I've never drawn that card before, I don't know its particular meaning behind it, and I don't have a special connection with it).

I keep shuffling and thought that's the card I'll be drawing, and if not, that's fine (to keep my expectation open and to do my best to not influence the draw).

Lo and behold, when I stopped shuffling and flipped the top card over, IT WAS THE CARD IN MY MIND!

I was in shock, amazed, and grateful!

I feel that I've built a deeper connection with the deck:)

The best part was the meaning behind the card was exactly what I was working through recently (healing emotion wounds). Drawing that card made me feel seen and less alone going through this rough time.

Ahhh, so grateful! 😊

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