I Spooked Myself

I am very new to tarot. I aquired a deck on a whim one afternoon a week ago, along with some pretty Oracle decks (just cuz). I have really began to enjoy it. My problem comes, however, from the fact that these seem kinda scary accurate. I know it has something to do with my subconscious connecting to words, phrases, and pictures, useful for deeper reflection, which I was chill with. What has ruined my chill, though, was after asking a question and being slightly dissatisfied with the answer, I spent a couple minutes aggressively shuffling my deck. I pulled another card. It. Was. The. Same. Card.

Now I am spooked.

I put the cards away, and after a few minutes of freaking out wondering if demons would attack, I decided to come here for reassurance. The internet has informed me that playing with these cards will not open a portal to hell, so I feel a tiny bit better. But pulling the same card??

I feel silly for this all, but will someone reassure me that there is no impending doom? Or perhaps tell me how to protect myself if need be?

I am afraid I am too much of a worry wart for these addictively pretty cards.

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