I think I know why I’m still confused

I started with cards late last year. My first tarot deck was straight up a RWS deck, with a flimsy pamphlet that explained nothing. I interviewed the deck and it wasn't really a good match with me for that particular deck. I was having problems figuring things out so I moved to …

A RWS-ish deck that had the same art and a full booklet detailing each card. [the Original Tarot] I was making better progress but it still seemed like many cards were just a complete mystery. So I changed to…

Another RWS deck that had medieval and renaissance art, and a booklet that had full color illustrations of the cards [Golden Tarot] and a page or two for each one.

I had not expected there to be so much disparity between cards with such similar origins. Is it incorrect to develop my own synthesis of these three decks, or should I keep my nose in these booklets until I finally learn the differences? Is there a standard reference for the RWS system in general? If people can develop their own deck can I just develop my own set of 78 meanings?

I have a thoth deck as well but I have not yet bonded with it. And I have an oracle deck that doesn't seem to be what I need either.

edit: added deck names

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