I thought tarot is bullshit- devil card is following me now. Help

Guys! I wasn't into tarot. I thought it was scam( especially YouTube tarot). A friend encouraged me to try it saying that it's fun. I was bored and I tried a soulmate reading. The girl started to describe the guy and the devil card appeared. I decided that I don't like what I hear so I left that reading. I searched another girl, the same reading: soulmate. Blah, blah, the girl reached the point of describing my soulmate. The devil card appears again. I'm like WTF. I leave the reading and search again. I find other girl and start another soulmate reading. Girl start describing my "soulmate". The devil card appears again. Here I lost my shit. Three readings in a row from 3 different girls and this card appeared at everyone???!! Is it common for the devil card to appears in soulmate readings or what??! I started listening more to this kind of shit but I avoided somehow the soulmate thing. After some months I decided to listen again to a soulmate reading. DEVIL CARD APPEARS. I'm not even impressed at this point. The next day a friend who is new into tarot came at my house to play together with the cards. She made me a soulmate reading( at my request) and guess what: DEVIL CARD was there. WTF is this? I'm starting to be concerned. I laughed this out at first like meh, maybe some obsessive guy with addictions( this is NOT my type at all) but NOW I think this might mean something worse. What do you think?. It's too much of the devil card everywhere like c'mon! Obviously I no longer think that tarot is scam.

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