I want to share a spread I’ve made: The Objective Perspective Relationship Spread

Let me know your thoughts on how it does or does not work for you. This is my original content I made after not finding a spread that wasn't too vague.

Purpose: third-party viewpoint regarding the true nature of a relationship.

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  1. How I see/what I think about them.

  2. How I feel about them.

  3. My intentions/what I want from them.

  4. How they see/what they think about me.

  5. How they feel about me.

  6. Their intentions/what they want from me.

  7. The objectively true nature of the relationship between them and I.

  8. What's blocking me from seeing the truth regarding my relationship with them?

  9. What's blocking them from seeing the truth regarding their relationship with me?

  10. What needs to happen for our relationship to improve?

  11. Long-term relationship outcome.

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