I was wondering if I should invest in a hobby, and drew the nine of pentacles

So I really love drawing, but I struggle to actually commit to drawing anything and to draw consistently – there's many reasons for this, but they all stem from the fact I have adhd.

The past few days I've been wondering whether I should invest in a drawing tablet, and make the switch to digital art. It's much quicker, easier to undo errors, easier to work with a reference picture, and I just find drawing so much easier and more simple on a tablet than with a physical pencil and pad.

I don't have a lot of spending money after bills, so this would take a massive chunk out of my monthly allowance and I wasn't sure if I could justify it. I mean I really want it, I know I would get hours of use out of it (drawing/art is one of the only interests of mine I've kept since childhood), and I could even work on it during commutes.

I'd been browsing ebay and other second hand websites this past week or two, still undecided if I could justify such a big investment in myself. I found a really good deal for a tablet on ebay that ends later today, but still couldn't decide if I could spend that money on myself.

So this morning I go to do my daily tarot pull, still questioning whether I should buy it or not and what card do I pull?

The Nine of Pentacles.

I just love it when the cards are so obvious. It's time to invest in myself for once!

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