“If he wanted to, he would”

This simple statement can solve so many interpretation requests on this and the r/tarotpractice subreddit.

People, please stop taking out your insecurity on Tarot. If you have to pull out your cards to find out if a guy is in to you, he probably isn’t. If he wanted you, he would make it obvious.

Listen to your intuition- that sunken heavy feeling in your stomach that tells you something is wrong. If he hasn’t texted back in half a week, or if he hasn’t visited you earlier than 11pm, or if he barely looks at you at work, THEN HE ISNT INTO YOU.

You are worth more than someone who isn’t into you. Before you pull out your cards for the 3rd time in a day to ask about him, ask yourself why you are so obsessed with someone who doesn’t care about you.

You are spirit, you are the Oracle, you already know all of the answers. Odds are, your deck has given them to you straight already. Accept it, and stop asking about him.

It’s time to heal and move forward.

Edit: Btw, 99.99% of YouTube/TikTok/Instagram tarot readings are fake. It’s just people talking about normal things that happen to most people and giving them the same general advice you can find anywhere else. It’s not special, it’s not crafted just for you. It “resonates” because your brain is cherry picking the information relevant to you and confirmation bias keeps you believing that spirit agrees with your misguided views on the subject. It’s no different than the fake psychics who do cold or warm readings for their audiences.

Don’t let them play you either. Those people are getting richer than rich off of their manipulation and your gullibility.

Edit 2: It’s telling that the main arguments against this is “Let people suffer how much they want” and “insecurity is ok” Like why are you guys so addicted to being miserable? Seriously ask yourself that. You deserve being with someone who it doesn’t take 2 years of groveling and begging to get them to love you back. Sis come on off the floor and hold your head high. YOU DESERVE EASY, EFFORTLESS LOVE, or at least better than what he's giving you.

Edit 3: https://www.reddit.com/r/tarot/comments/jrqfag/getting_the_same_messages_for_almost_a_year/gbvbpqm/ ^ Here is a much better explanation of what my adhd headass was trying to say.

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