Im (20F) getting a tarot reading tonight… what to ask?

So I was walking yesterday around and saw this new store where they do tarot readings. Its 46.5$ for 30mins and 81.4$ for 1h (I live in Europe but converting to $ for u guys). I still havent decided if ill get 30mins or 1h. The "witch" I met at the store said I can either choose to ask her questions during the tarot read about a certain matter or she can just do a general reading about me. So Im 20 in 2 months and this reading is kinda expensive to me so i wanna get the most out of it. SO what should I ask?

Things Im personally curious about but i dont know if I CAN ask those things:

  • When will I get into a relationship/meet "the one"? (never been one but i hookup here and there)
  • Will I ever meet "the one"?
  • Am I in the right direction in life?
  • Why do I act the way I do?
  • Do I have any psychological problems?
  • How do others perceive me?
  • Do I have a higher or lower opinion of myself?
  • What are things I should currently improve in my life?

Also, do I need to know my exact birth time for a tarot reading or it has nothing to do with my zodiac signs? Also, should I get the 30mins or 1h?

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