I’m a sceptical person who enjoys tarot cards for the art part. Help me with some counterarguments please !

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I've been a tarot art enthusiast for a while, but mainly because of its symbolic and how artists give meaning to the cards in their own ways which is fascinating. I've always liked symbolism and mystical art. This said, I am quite the "rational" type of person so I've never actually really used them as a tool. I tried to a few times just to see what would happen (plus I get most of the card's meanings) but I've found myself stopped by mainly three arguments that I listed below (after a few tries and some reflection). I would love someone to help me on those or tell me what your points are since I would very much want to actually get it myself πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your help <3

  • Since cards are randomly drawn, it's completely possible to have two very different or unmatching draws to two very close questions (or a question and a follow-up). Also, if you ask about a situation in day one, and ask about the same situation one week later, answers can dramatically vary while the situation is exactly the same.
  • Interpretations are too broad. I mean, if you ask yourself if you have chances winning a competition, and you stumble upon a very negative card in this regard (think like 5 of cups), you may think you won't win – but somehow in the end you will, it's just that you'll loose your interest for the sport / activity the process, which was supposedly to be somehow understood. Since inteptetations are broad, it's extremely easy to see afterwards what meaning you could actually give to that broad card you got last week to prove yourself it worked.
  • if tarot could be used as a divination tool, people would know what to invest in or which job to seek or which lottery game to play a very efficient way .

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