I’m bringing heartbreak?

Hey yall!

So I've recently started tarot (maybe a month and a half now) and I'm in love!

While I'm fairly confident, as I've given really accurate readings to friends, I still have much to learn, and it's harder for me to read myself for some reason lol.

So I've been tracking this love interest that'll been coming into my life for a couple weeks now, and the cards are eerily consistent. But the thing that has my worried is the "What will I bring to the relationship" spot I've designated in a spread. I keep getting either the 5 of swords or 3 of swords, which are both pretty. . . intense to say the least lol. And consistently they've gotten "Judgement" on what they'll bring.

Any interpretations? I have my own, which I'm trying to figure out so I can be better for this person, but maybe I'm thinking of it too literally? Like the card art isn't so bad, and usually I'm more intuitive, but I'm wondering if this is a more literal case tbh.

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