I’m new to tarot and need help with the cards I’ve pulled.

I done a Celtic cross tarot spread on a love situation that i needed an answer to and here is what I pulled. I just need further guidance on what it’s trying to tell me as I’ve only been practicing for a week.

For the current situation I pulled – The Ten of Pentacles.

What is hindering or helping the situation I pulled – the king of wands.

Best to do at present I pulled – 4 of wands.

The foundation/hidden factors I pulled – ace of wands.

For the past I pulled – queen of swords.

For the near future I pulled – knights of swords.

How I see myself I pulled – the hermit.

Outside influences I pulled- the sun.

Hopes or fears I pulled – the ten of swords.

The outcome I pulled the – two wands.

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