I’m not sure how to explain this…

I can't really even put a TL;DR for this because I really don't know. I hope I used the right flair. I have a very close friend who I adore. I love doing tarot readings for people so of course, when she asked me to do a spread for her and her ex (during mercury retrograde, she was unsure if it was real or caused by that) I accepted.

My initial reading told me this, there was no bad outcome. They were both hurt by the breakup, they both thought it could be the one. She needed change, the outcome of becoming a couple would result in a cycle ending (the world card) and if they didn't, she would be given new creativity and a new beginning almost. She got a pendulum and asked it questions about the situation and with my tarot cards, we tried to get more clarity. In summary, it told her there would be something on Saturday (yesterday) and that she would need to take action. He was scared of his feeling and was tied back by them. We asked my cards and it just kinda kept saying he was scared and conflicted. We came to the conclusion that since there wasn't a bad ending, she would just tell the guy she liked him still.

She told him and he never said he didn't have feelings but it wasn't what she had wanted. She wasn't heartbroken or anything, she described it as a negative relief. She said it was closure so she wasn't really that upset over it but it still kinda hurt, as it does. He acted like he had feelings back before she ever said anything about it. The cards said we'd have a good outcome no matter what and the pendulum said that as well. The way I interpreted was different than what we got. I could've been missing something but I don't know. I came here to ask though, do cards get it wrong sometimes? Or just how do I explain that happening? The cards saying one thing but something else happening. Anything and everything helps, I'm just genuinely curious about this and hope the answers I get will help me as a reader.

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