i’m seeing double?!

i was doing a reading for myself in terms of what my higher self wants me to know and was working with two tarot decks. every single time – and i really mean every time! – i went to clarify my cards with the second deck i was using, i would get the same card. and i don’t clarify with fifty cards; i keep it at one or two depending on what “jumps” out. here’s the cards that doubled up: * knight of swords * the tower * ten of cups

i did another reading about good things that i had to look forward to, according to my higher self and when i was clarifying the ten of pentacles, i got it again!

i did another reading about my how my higher self saw me and i didn’t get doubles but i did get the: * high priestess * the empress * the three of pentacles * the three of cups

Maybe that one’s not as interesting in terms of all the threes though.

anyway, i wanted to share that story here because I thought that it was just really wonderful to get the cards doubling up like that FOUR times in a row. made me feel like my higher self was very near :’)

i hope everyone has a brilliant day!

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