I’m using it for fun

I always feel that people, in general, make tarot seem too serious. So I always feel a little weird because I make some silly and fun questions and I usually don't share because I think people will judge me. I like to read just for me, so I don't mind if it's accurate or not.

Some questions I make:

-Describe x character

-what me and my favorite character have in common

-how would my life be if I lived in hogwarts

I guess the funniest answer I got was when I asked "How do I know if we're living in a simulation" and I got 2 of swords and when I asked for more information, I got Knight of pentacles rx which I understood as "it doesn't matter if it is real or not, what will you do with it. Stop procrastinating and go back to study" and I was indeed procrastinating lol

I'm just sharing because I want to know if there's anyone just using it for fun

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