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I don’t know how to start this. I get ringing in my ears sometimes, there’s no problems with my ears I’ve had that checked out because sometimes the ringing gets very frequent. I’m sitting here watching a TikTok when suddenly the loudest, most sudden high pitched ringing attacks my right ear. I literally dropped my phone and just stared ahead of me listening to the ringing. It demanded my attention and I felt like I wasn’t in control of myself but it wasn’t in a scary way it just felt urgent and “you need to listen to me”. Right as the ringing stopped I ran for my tarot cards and asked for clarification, what are you trying to tell me? These three cards flew from the deck and I had the feeling I didn’t need to draw any. What could this mean? I started crying after looking at the cards in order but it didn’t feel like my tears. I wasn’t sad but my body was crying for a few seconds. The cards were the five of wands upright, six of pentacles reversed, and nine of wands upright. I also want to add that as this happened the time was 1:11pm, I got my 111th YouTube notification and the website I was reading the card definitions from had an advertisement with the numbers 1111 in it. All at the same time.

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