In a "yes"/"no" reading, can the ace of wands ever mean "no"? I asked the deck whether my sick cat would live, and I pulled the ace of wands. I felt reassured, but she died the next day.

Basically the title.

I always thought the ace of wands was a "yes" card in a "yes"/"no" reading, but in this case, it didn't pan out. (Tragically so. I miss my friend. We would "have coffee" together every morning, so I'll probably sob as I brew it–without her purrs and head bumps–tomorrow.)

Could the ace of wands have meant something else in this case? (Turning over a new leaf without her, for example? Or seeing her off as she embarks on her journey to whatever is next?) Or, was the reading simply wrong? I'm struggling with how to interpret this. Thanks for any insights you guys can provide.

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