"In what ways can I work through obstacles regarding my spiritual journey?"

Tarot cards have saved my life and have kept me from giving up time and time again. I recently moved in with my sister in Texas and out of my hometown in Louisiana. I went through a rough break-up with my boyfriend and lost friends as well. It was a sudden and jarring decision to move away but with the cards' guidance, I was willing to take the risk.

Fast forward two weeks and my rollercoaster of emotions have finally calmed. Despite the pandemic currently at our doors, I am optimistic about the future. Today I decided to ask for some guidance regarding my spiritual journey and how I can get the most out of it.

I pulled The Tower reversed and honestly am still amazed at what the cards are helping me understand. They are saying it's okay to let go of the people and ideas that no longer serve me. That by letting go I am able to make room for the beliefs and people that will truly make me happy. I pulled a clarification card which happened to be the Ace of Wands. My new beginning is right in front of me and it's up to me to take action to make the most of it. I can't help being surprised each time I complete a reading.. it's unbelievable how accurate they are. It's comforting to find a medium to hear the words of the universe and to use that as a way to better myself and not lose hope.

What are some of your recent readings? How do you feel about what you pulled?

Looking to discuss because social interaction is definitely on pause right now.

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