Instagram tarot accounts follow you and dm you after you follow them and they insist in reading you without telling you it costs?

So the title sais it all. I won't say names on here but I saw their account and liked it so I followed. They follow me back and DM me saying they feel energetically connected to me or what ever and I should send them a pic of my palm so they can read it. I check them IMMEDIATLY and ask how much money and they say $30…. so I say no and move on. Then they follow me on 3 different spams and dmed me again saying that they weren't doing the reading for the money but actually cos they felt like they needed to.

The thing is though this wasn't any old bot account. It had the person's voice and face on it, plenty of followers, a personal account attached AND a YouTube channel all active.

AND THEN it happened again but less dramatic I think this person was genuinly just asking

UPDATE!!! yall r right the person who said this was a fake account and the other account that did the same thing follows the fake account wow

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