Interesting single card readings.

My bf just bought me a new deck and this is the first deck I’ve had in the last 10+ years. I gave the deck a quick cleansing and did a couple different shuffles and did my reading first. King of wands upright. I had just recently been promoted to management at work and have been worried if I was any good at my job as this is my first time in a leadership role. I see this as a confirmation if you will. I gave the deck a shuffle and asked my man if he’d like me to do the same. He shuffles and cuts the deck. He draws king of wands reversed. I laughed bc what are the odds and it is very fitting for him with work as well. He is being considered as a driver captain (essentially a team lead type of position) but for the most part he’s been enjoying just being a “grunt” worker, but has been playing with the idea of taking the promotion.

I’m very happy with this new deck and excited to practice tarot again😁 thought you guys would appreciate this little moment

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