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Did a love reading on myself and a suitor.

“What connects us?”: 4 of Swords I think this may have something to do with us both being in a MAJOR transitionary period of our lives after deep depression, heart break and financial struggle. We’ve both begun new jobs, and are in a period of release and rebirth as individuals.

“What divides us?”: 9 of Pentacles Fear to leave comfort zone?? Safety in solitude?? OR something to do with us JUST beginning to regain our self sufficiency, self love and self confidence as individuals before meeting.

“What’s the overall truth of this connection?”: 8 of Wands I’ve had concerns as to how quickly we’ve moved into romance. There IS a lot of emotional availability and willingness to proceed between us. I’ve just had my concerns as to whether it’s coming from a place of inconspicuous lack/fear. So I don’t know how to take this card.

Opinions??? Thank you 🙂

(2 of Pentacles as bottom card/overall energy)

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