Interpretation for how I should do this cord cutting

Context: So I've had a 3 year old crush on this guy (T), and it has hurt me and my mental health. I've been wanting to let go, I need to, so I asked my cards on how to do this cord cutting spell. Some insight and second opinions would be great. Thanks sm. I used the Radiant Rider Waite for this.

My intentions were that once the string broke, so would my emotional attachment and romantic feelings for him.

1- How will this cord cutting benefit me?

The Moon rx. This will help me come to my senses, but everything will go by very quickly. Secrets will be unveiled and I will find out the truth of things I may have wondered. I'm letting go.

2- Are there any drawbacks I will experience because of it?

7 Of Pentacles, King of Swords. The 7oP represents that it may take a bit to see change, but it is there now that I will finally let go. There will be nothing like a big loss, but I may become cold towards T or become colder in general with the KoS.

3- How will this affect me and T's relationship?

Page Of Pentacles. New beginnings, paths, breaking old cycles. It's all gonna be a fresh start and this cord cutting may even get me on the right path again.

4- Is there anything else I should keep in mind?

Page of Swords and 2 of Swords. I'm actually struggling with this one. My thoughts are to continue communicating with him, but it might be difficult to decide. I'm focused on this the most because I'm confused on how to interpret it.

Things I took note of:

no . 1 is the only one with a major arcana card, so this is a bigger deal than the rest. It may benefit greatly and something I've been needing. #4 only has swords, and #2 is full of blue and some orange (drawbacks). Blue in color magick as a negative usually represents sadness, so sadness of letting go will be a huge drawback here.

Second opinions would help so so much. Thank you all

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