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Asked my Rider Waite deck a question – the question I wanted as surrounding why someone’s communication is really poor at the moment, recalled a video I seen about asking tarot questions and posed the question to the tarot of “what is the lesson I’m learning from this lack of communication with X”, the death card fell out. I placed my deck down whilst thinking about what death could mean, which obviously means transformation, new cycle, new ideas, challenging attachments, letting go etc. Perfect.

But when I placed my deck down, I placed it down with the bottom of the deck facing upwards. Lovers in Reverse on the bottom. This means taking time away, having a break, disharmony, being out of sync, struggling to communicate, fear of commitment etc.

But does the meaning change because they’re placed together basically? Am I interpreting this right? What could the bottom of the deck be, the first initial question I asked or is it just an addition to the situation I’m asking about?


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