Interpretation help for getting a stalker to leave me alone!

So I have this female stalker that watches my every move and copies everything I do. I can’t figure out how to get her to leave me alone and stay out of my business so I asked the cards just that. First I pulled the knight of cups which I feel like represented her: she first seemed charming and trustworthy, but she did me wrong twice and so of course she made it on my shit list. She’s a very toxic ex family member and has caused problems for most of us but right now I’m her main target, and it used to be my cousin. She antagonized her for over ten years and I really don’t want that to be the case for me 🙄 I got two more cards again asking how to get her to leave me alone but I honestly don't know what they mean together: two of cups and judgement. It seems to me that it means we have to make up and improve our relationship, but that is out of the question. She's a toxic narcissist and I have no desire to be friends with her. Can anyone else interpret how I can get her to leave me alone?

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